11 Things You Didn’t Know About BBNaija’s Neo.

These ones will surprise you.

BBNaija, short for Big Brother Nigeria, is the new craze of the town. There’s no denying it. There’s no running away from it. In fact, if you’re a Nigerian then you know that BBNaija news now haunts us E-VE-RY-WHERE. It’s every other post on our news feed, it’s every other notification, it’s what everybody in your church and Whatsapp group is talking about. It is everywhere!

And this of course isn’t new, this is how it goes every single year. This season is BBNaija Season 5. We’re used to it. And this time around I’ve said to myself: okay, if you cannot beat them, join them! So this time around, I am watching Big Brother Nigeria.

My thoughts on that…are not why you clicked on this post today.

You clicked today because you want to see 11 Things You Didn’t Know About one of the most beloved housemates in the house today, Neo.

Obviously, all of the housemates in the house had lives before going into the house and although we have access to these housemates lives 24/7, there are some things we still don’t know about them from watching the television.

So, I have done some digging from the archives and I am here today to share with you 11 things you didn’t know about BBNaija’s Neo.

Are you ready to dive in? Then let’s go!

1. His full name is…

Emuobonuvie Neo Oliseh Akpofure.

2. Yes, he is related to Venita Akpofure

If the surname Akpofure sounds familiar, it is because Neo’s cousin, Venita Akpofure is a popular Nigerian actress who was also once in the Big Brother house.

3. Neo is also on Snapchat

p class=”css-1oblyum-P e1ccqnho0″ style=”background-color: white; box-sizing: border-box; color: #1a1a1a; font-family: “Droid Serif”, Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif; font-size: 1.1rem; letter-spacing: 0.01em; line-height: 1.6; margin-top: 32px;”>And according to a Twitter user, things get “juicy” on his Snapchat. So any curious Neo fans, you’re welcome. His Snapchat name is iam_monor.

4. He and Mercy Eke have a history

We don’t know the extent of their relationship but earlier this month, pictures and video of Neo and former BBNaija winner Mercy Eke hit the internet to a lot of speculation from fans of both celebrities.

5. He used to drive for UBER

Before auditioning for Big Brother Naija, Neo was a driver for popular taxi service, Uber.

6. According to him, his best features are…

His eyes. He revealed this in an interview with Africa Magic saying that “they tell a lot.”

7. He’s a mimer

In the interview with Africa Magic, Neo revealed that his most useless talent is miming.

8. He also knows how to sketch

A skill he says he learnt while in lockdown.

9. His parents both work in law enforcement.

His father is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) while his mother is a prison warden. Speaking about his family he said:

I love my mum so much. Her strength makes me respect women a lot. I am from a polygamous home and a family of several lawyers. We are over 20 children. My father is a SAN but was separated from my mum when I was born. I was born in a car. My mum was a prison warden & I had to sleep in the prison while growing up.

10. His biggest achievement is…

According to him, winning N500,000 in a talent competition. Because I am nosy, I found out what that competition is for you guys. I’m pretty sure absolutely NONE of you know about this because even Neo himself never said what the competition he won was. Let me tell you…

11. He won the VCL Mobile Campaigns “Win A Day With Don Jazzy” Competition.

And get this…instead of the trip to Durban South Africa, he opted for the cash equivalent. A whooping N500,000 naira.

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