7 Igbo Sweet Pet Names To Call Your Spouse


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Pet names are one of the things people enjoy in a relationship. It shows that you are special to your wife. For some people, pet names make their head swell and turns them on.

But most often we find out that majority of the pet names we call our spouse are English names. Things like my darling, sweetheart, my love, baby, bae etc.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we had pet names for our spouse in local languages? Your mother tongue is always the best language you use to communicate. If you pet your spouse with that, it makes it more lovely and personal.

So in this post, we would look at some of the pet names you can call your spouse in Igbo and what they mean.

1) obim

This means “my heart”. It is normally used by Igbo ladies but can also be used by men. It means that your spouse has the key to your heart

2) anyawnu utut m

This means my sunshine

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3) achalaugo

This means “gift of God”. It is used to remind your wife that she is a gift to you from God. It is also used for single ladies.

4) obidiya

This means “the heart of her husband”. Just like obim, this is normally used by males to show that his wife is his heartbeat

5) nwanyi oma

This means “ a good woman. It s normally praise for the ladies. Especially when they do something good or cook a sumptuous meal for their man.

6) omalicha

A name called a very beautiful lady. Husbands use this when admiring their spouse.

7) odim nobi

This means “the one in my heart”. Used to let a lady know that she is very special to you and has a permanent place for you in his heart.

What other pet names do you call your spouse in your local language? Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

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