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Governor of Abia State, Dr.
Okezie Ikpeazu has expressed elation at the prospect of Aba, the Abia state
commercial capital, being afforded a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply
following the resolution of issues which have plagued the project led by
Geometric power. The governor disclosed this new development in a series of
tweets through his official Twitter handle yesterday.

Governor Ikpeazu also thanked
the Federal Government for what he described as “The courage to endorse the
project and said it was “capable of repositioning the economy for the better.”

The Governor in a series of
tweets, said:

“The multifaceted impact of
this on our State’s economy is not lost on us. The SME firmament of Aba will
change and unleash a quantum leap in our national products score making Nigeria
truly ready to play in our continental trade space.

“Secondly, many artisans such
as welders, fabricators, tailors, hairdressers etc, will breathe some fresh air
as they will enjoy the attendant positive impact of constant power supply on
their trades leading to higher patronage that will in turn translate to the
creation of more jobs.”

Governor. Ikpeazu expressed
positive hopes that the Enyimba Economic City Project will also receive the necessary
oxygen required for the power project to function optimally.

He also said, “With this
development, our country would experience real and profound success in her
efforts to provide modular power through a divide and conquer strategy, which
can be replicated everywhere else”, and expressed hope that the development
will lead to “the end of our seemingly intractable ‘quest for power’”.

According to reports, the
Governor was visited by Prof Barth Nnaji of Geometric Power and was briefed on
the progress made to complete the independent power project in Aba.

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