All Biafrans To Pray And Fast On January 15 For God Intervention – Rev Father Mbaka

Rev Father Ejika Mbaka, the founder of Adoration ministries base in Enugu State has ordered all those who believe in Biafra struggle to embark on prayer and fasting for God intervention.

According to the man of God, All Igbos should cry to God for total liberation of their land. Anybody who believe in freedom and liberation of his people act accordance to the will of God. Just as Moses did in liberation of the people of Isreal, Biafra agitation is a will of God. He knows how to set free his own people.

Citing example from the Bible, Father MBaka said, “Israelite spent four hundred and thirty years in bondage in Egypt, when they cried unto God He heard them, God sent Moses to them and they were out from Egypt within twenty four hours.

“God has not change, Igbos has been in bondage in Nigeria since 1960, it is time to pay the price for our freedom and prayer is number one.”

He therefore, admonished every Igbo’s son and daughters in home and abroad to observe 12 hours fast and prayer to seek the face of God concerning Biafra restoration.

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