“Anioma youths and IPOB does not merit my attention” Lauretta Onochie


President Muhammadu Buhari Special Adviser on Social Media Lauretta Onochie has responded to the Anioma youths forum over their recent media disclaimer on her statement where she clamoured for a state of emergency in the entire Eastern region.

Onochie was on Monday last week in Abuja during a media briefing over the crisis going on between members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, otherwise known as IPOB and the Nigerian Security officers advised the leadership of the nation to declare a state of emergency in the entire Eastern region if IPOB did not cease fire in attacking the Nigerian Security officers.

However, the Anioma youths leaders issued out a memo countering the statement of Lauretta Onochie which went viral on social media, thereby excluding themselves from the whole scenario and apportioned blame on Onochie and equally ask her to tender an reserved apology for such harsh words against her people.

Meanwhile, Onochie has replied to them via her social media handles that both Anioma youths and IPOB does not merit her attention in any manner as she has no regrets over her statement.

According to her, “I have read the memo issued out by Anioma youths in collaboration with IPOB, compelling me to tender an apology to IPOB and Ohanaeze ndi Igbo over my last television interview.

“It is no longer a hidden fact that IPOB wants to cause confusion in Nigeria and the only way they want to achieve that is by engaging to kill the Nigerian Security officers which I advised against.

“In a civilized country, IPOB is supposed to be scraped out since but just because we have a diplomatic, intelligent and a good hearted father as President, that’s why you see them misbehaving and some people in Anioma calling themselves youths will come out and ask me to tender unreserved apology to a well known blacklisted terrorist group in Nigeria. If I do that, that means am in support of evil that IPOB wants to bring to Nigeria.

“Both Anioma youths and IPOB does not merit my attention at all. I have made my stand known to them long time ago that this country is indivisible and there’s nothing their criminal leader Nnamdi Kanu can do about it.

“The Presidency do follow and monitor his activities online and all manner of useless abuse that do come out from his mouth against the leadership of the country. Anioma youths are not seeing the insults he do hover on Mr President on daily basis Calling him all manner of unprintable names Jubril, Fulani idiot. I have read online severally where he mentioned my name on that useless Radio Biafra calling me a Prostitute, maybe his wife was ones a prostitute and even now that’s why he has no respect for women.

“If he do not take time, I will file a case against him in the world court so that he will come out from his hiding place and explain his allegations on me. It’s obvious he can’t enter Nigeria again because he jumped bail and can never step his foot here again.” She said.


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