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In a video which has recently surfaced
online from the stable of the Channels TV News, the Commisioner of Police of
Enugu state, Ahmed Abdulrahman and some Abducted IPOB members have given their
own sides of the story of what allegedly happened at Emene in Enugu State, the
Police Commisioner tried to portray IPOB members as violent, the IPOB members
defended themselves and gave an account of the armed forces interrupting their
peaceful gathering.

According to the Commissioner of Police,
Enugu state, Ahmed Abdulrahman, he received a call from the DSS that the IPOB
people were on rampage, firing sporadically at the air and burning tyres of the
road. And so he deployed about three mobile force squadron (Anti-kidnapping
unit, SARS and Anti-cultism). According to him, when his men arrived there,
they came under immense fire and had to redeploy and reply. According to him,
the IPOB members who he described as hoodlums and miscreants were holding the
people hostage and the armed forces went there to rescue them. He accused the
IPOB members of setting someone ablaze (even though according to him, the
person who was burnt has not been identified) and he also said another person
who is suspected to be Fulani was hacked to death with cutlass cuts.

But when the IPOB members were interviewed, about three of them said they have been gathering in that same venue in Emene for training. One of them said they exercise themselves by running around the field a number of times in order to get themselves stronger. Another who identified as Omagu Ebube from Awgu, said they were partaking in Martial arts training for self-defense. Asked why they arrested DSS officials, he said, “I did not arrest any DSS official and I am not sure of the arrest of any DSS officials.” According to him, the police opened fire on them and he ran away to a place where he was given cover by residents of the area and a woman asked them to hide in the ceiling. They all denied holding any arms or shooting at anybody or killing anybody. From what they said, they were training peacefully when they were invaded by the people of the Nigerian armed forces. Another who identified as Obinna from Abia state said he was a pig farmer on the way to get feed for his pigs before he was arrested on the road.

The IPOB members also denied having charms which prevented gun penetration.

The video shows the journalists and the commissioner of police trying to put words into the mouth of the IPOB members and bully them into giving in to the narrative that IPOB members are violent.

Click here to watch the new video in Channels TV YouTube Channel

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