Biafra: 9 Countries That are supporting Nnamdi Kanu

You might be asking-how many countries are supporting Biafra? Well, it was no surprise that most countries stood for the unity of Nigeria while others stood for the Biafra struggle.

For records, only a few stood for Nigeria especially those who had vested interest in the oil. Countries like the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, the Arab countries. were in support of the unity of Nigeria while France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, China, and Israel supported the Biafran struggle.

These countries that supported Biafra helped during the war with food and sometimes with weapons. Ojukwu established oil extraction sufficient for the purchase of weapons and created a network of offices on the recruitment of mercenaries. The balance of power was never in favor of the Igbos or south south. In fact, the United Nations refused to recognize Biafra and in September 1968, the Organization of African Unity told Biafra to abandon the idea of independence.

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