Biafra, A Great Nation, Let’s Join Hand Together To Make It A Reality

Biafra will be a great nation when restored. In terms of technology skills and other things that will make a nation to be great, Biafra will never in any form lack behind. The emergence of Biafra will be a lifting up to African nations.  Biafra will liberate all African countries  from slavery and  bondage. Biafra when restored will challenge other great nations so as to become the world power.

The world  has  foreseen what Biafra will become when restored and that is the reason why they don’t want it to come. Many efforts had been made both physically and spiritually to stop the emergence of this great nation but because Biafra restoration is ordained by God Himself, all their efforts proof abortive. And  because Biafra restoration is a divine project, no man born of woman can stop it .

A lot of innocent souls has been killed because of this journey, resources has been wasted too  and that is why we must fight tooth and nail to make sure that Biafra freedom is achieved. I pity those who are  saying that Biafra is unavailable because right in their very eyes, Biafra will come and they will not  have any other options than to hang themselves.

To  those scampering for 2023 Igbo Presidency, I tell you, you can’t speak the mind of the masses. I want you to know that Igbo Presidency as they are promising you is a big scam. Therefore, our own mandate and focuse is the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and the earlier you work in line with us the better for you. It is better to live as a free man than to live as a slave to  those who are good enough to be your servants.

Finally, my advice to the saboteurs and the enemies of Biafra freedom is this – ” It is better for you to have a rethink and come back to your senses and join this great movement for the restoration of Biafra or you get ready to go on everlasting exile immediately Biafra is restored. And to those who are working tirelessly to see that this mandate is achieved, keep the fire burning, be resolute, focused and courageous. Don’t backslide or be a saboteur to the good efforts of our leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and other Biafrans who are working assiduously to make sure that our great nation, Biafra is achieved.

I tell you, from the look of things, one day, I mean one faithful day, you will sleep in Nigeria your land of slavery and agony and wake up in Biafra the land of your hope and success. All must hail thee oh great nation “Biafra”.

Written by kamsi John Abiama a motivational writer.

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