Biafra Declaration Will Shake The Whole World – IPOB Boast

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has said that the declaration of the Sovereign State of Biafra will shake whole world and the declaration is around the corner.

According to a statement released by its National Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, when Biafra is finally announced there would be celebration in all Nations of the world.

“IPOB agitation is not just for the liberation and well-being of Biafrans alone but for the betterment of every living soul unfortunate enough to be trapped in the cesspit of corruption, backwardness, hardship, and totalitarianism that Nigeria has become”.

“It is in the interest of these traitors to stay away from Biafraland because they would bear the consequences of any move by the Fulani to force our land to become volatile to justify their murderous military occupation.

“We are well aware of the antics of core Arewa north and their current effort to intensify their divide and rule strategy in Biafraland by constantly seeking to pigeon-hole us into a meaningless South-South and Southeast when they have one monolithic political North dominated by the wandering Fulani tribe.

‘‘IPOB by successfully uniting all the people of the Eastern region and Midwest has brought this terrible era of Fulani divide and rule internal colonization in the Middle Belt and South to an end.’’

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