Biafra: How Buhari’s Plan To Islamize Nigeria Failed, Nnamdi Kanu revealed

Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOBNnamdi Kanu, has re-emphasised that President Muhammadu Buhari has plans to Islamize Nigeria.

Kanu explained that the president is planning to carry out his action through the use of nepotism and Islamic terror to Islamize Nigeria.

Kanu made this allegations in a series of tweets through his Twitter handle.

The IPOB leader explained that the alleged Islamization move was responsible for the nepotism in the appointment of Nigeria’s security forces.

Kanu tweeted: “The nepotism by @NGRPresident and the ISLAMIC terror sweeping #Nigeria are part of a secret plot to Islamize Nigeria.

“It’s not by accident that Nigeria’s security forces are led by extremist Fulani Islamists in uniform. 

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