Biafra: How I Discovered Myself As An Igbo Man – Bishop TD Jakes

Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr., president of The Potter’s House in the United States, discovered that his ancestors were rooted in Igbo land. In an interview with BBC Igbo, he explained how he searched for his origins and found out that he was an Igbo native. He said that the discovery made him happy in a special way.

Well known as T.D Jakes, Jakes said he learns a lot from Igbo culture and from his children. He did not stop there, he went on to say that it would not be good to allow technology and community development to change one’s culture.

He also said that if black Americans and Africans did not learn how to live and work together, that blacks would die on their own, and that coming together would bring about special changes in the African region.

Also, did you know that T.D. Jakes has eaten jollof rice and fufu?

Source: BBC Igbo

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