Biafra: Igbo Leaders To Send Delegates To President Buhari Over Nnamdi Kanu Parents’ Burial

Some group of Igbo leaders will meet President Buhari to plead on behalf of Nnamdi Kanu to be allowed to come to Nigeria to burial his parents.

The Igbo apex group ohanaze Ndigbo will send delegates to the president to allow Nnamdi Kanu to come to Nigeria. And also to call the Abia State Police commissioner to order for the peace to reign in the state.

According to the spokesman of the group, he said, Ohanaze will not fold their hands and see crisis erupt the Igbo land over Nnamdi Kanu parents burial. The party involved must compromise their stands of the matter. If we don’t take step to calm the situation things may get out of controls.

We will plead with the president Buhari to allow Nnamdi Kanu to burial his parents peacefully, he said.

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