Biafra: IPOB List African Countries That Are Solidly In Support Biafra

The Indigenous People of Biafra has revealed some of the African countries that are support Biafra agitation. The group released the names of the countries claiming to have the backing the movement based on the high in population of Nigeria.

Mystatenews corners the spokesman of the group, Emma Powerful, He disclosed that contrary to the views of many, Some African countries want to see Biafra becomes a reality. Some of the President of these countries directed in contact with our supreme leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Asking him to name some of the African countries that are in support of Biafra movement, he said, the name on this list will surprise you. For Instance, Ghana has been a good supporter of the movement. some top leaders from the country have contributed their quarter to see the actualisation of Biafra.

” In 2017, our team hold a conference in Kenya where we have some of the top Government officers in attendance. Those who spoke in that conference gave us 100% in support of Biafra. We have also gone to many African countries soliciting for the supports from those countries and we received unprecedented supports.

In naming the countries, He said, about 21 Africa Countries have declared their support for the Biafra Republic. Countries like Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Sudan, Senegal and others are solidly in support.


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