Biafra is beyond stoppable, Must Be Liberated No Matter What – George Robert

George Robert, the American chief of justice, is also in support of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB and has given a piece of his mind with this speech.

George said Biafrans struggle Is beyond stoppable and will use all his power to make full print of Africa.

According to George Robert,

“On general level, from Smith Irish, is a signal that prove that the Biafran struggle is beyond stoppable.”

“I have been following and reading people’s motivational and inspirational veiws, and this is the philosophical,psychological and theological prescription of postmodernism,where people comes together with one Faith, one traditional wedding, and the same traditions”.

“Therefore, the Nigerian political sphere is in danger of diminishing return that needs urgent separatism”.

“I will use the power vested on me as the American chief of justice George Glover Robert to make a full print in Africa, mostly on those who died in Africa on president Donald Trump J inauguration day.

“Yes according to barrister professor Smith Livingstone, the sovereign state of Biafra has reached the level of enlightening politics, Biafra must be liberated notwithstanding”.

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