Biafra Restoration Will Put An End To Slavery And Oppression In Africa – Nnamdi Kanu

Biafra officially ‘The Republic of Biafra’ was a secessionist state in South-East Nigeria that name from the Bight of Biafra

And, It was named by a Muslim officer a General from a small group(the Angas) in Central Nigeria, “General, Yakubu Gowon(rtd),” as the head of the Federal Military Government(FMG).

The two coups that took place in the country depend on Nigeria’s ethnic tensions. The United Kingdom and then, the Soviet Union were the main supporters Nigerian government, which France and Israel, and some other well-meaning countries supported the Biafra Dreams.

The meaning of the colours in the Biafra flags, “Red” represents the massacre in Northern Nigeria and in the consequent Biafra-war.

The black is for mourning them and in remembrance. The “Green” is for prosperity and half of the “Yellow/Golden” sun stands for a glorious future.

Ojukwu died in 1966, Just a year before the Nigerian civil war. His son Chukwuemeka Odumegwu was the leader of the “Secessionist State of Biafra.” The Ojukwu”s have produced a family history that backs the trends in at least one respect birthing a famous son who became widely than his famous father.

The Origin of Biafra, “THE BIGHT OF BIAFRA” OR MARFA(Named after the town Marfa in Southern Portugal) between Capes Formosa and Lopez, is the most Eastern part of the Gulf of Guinea, It contains the Islands Fernando Po(Equatorial Guinea), Prince and St. Thomas.

The real leader of the Biafran people is Nnamdi Okwu Kanu Born 25th September 1967. A British Biafran political activist.

He is the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra(IPOB).

The leader the Indigenous of the Indigenous People of Biafra is Chief Nnamdi Kanu, who is a dual citizen British and fame from his Broadcast on Radio Biafra, which was established in 2009.

While under Biafra Occupation, the State of Edo declared as “The Republic of Benin” as the Nigerian forces we to retake the region. The republic collapsed a day after declaration as the Nigerian troops overtook the city of Benin-City. Edo State was formed on August 27th, 1991 when Bendel State was split in Edo and Delta respectively.

Edo was part of the dream because on September 19th, 1967. The Biafrans rebranded the region by proclaiming the Republic of Benin an Independent State separate from Biafra as a last-ditch effort. Biafra had won limited recognition from foreign states. But all gain were unrelenting to the proclamation of Benin.

In 1770 map indicates that the region knows as Biafra. Biafra extends cast of the Bight of Biafra from the River Delta of the Niger in the North until it reaches Cape Lopez in Gabon.

The Rhino on the Biafra flag was adopted from “Argentines Antarctica” in 1999 as the result of a competition.

We have over 50 million Biafrans people scattered all over the world and they are regarded as the “Jewish of Africa”, based on our religion, faith, the way we pray and our practices in accordance with the Jewish traditional worship system.

In conclusion, the restoration of Biafra will put an end to slavery and other atrocities that are going in Africa.

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