Biafra: South East Senators Are The problem Of Igbos, See The Reason

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Popular musician and comedian, Speed Darlington, fondly called Akpi has blamed southeast Senators for the continued sufferings Igbos are currently experiencing in Nigeria.

The artist who let out in a viral video made available to Jamyco said the legislative inability to raise referendum before the National Assembly chambers indicate a huge concern.

He pointed out that any representative that has his people at heart ought to have called for a referendum to enable Igbos to decide their existence in Nigeria.

He added that the quest for freedom is not always free advised youths to act now.

He suggested that lawmakers be confronted in view to call their attention to what the people require from them.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Igbo apex group, Nnia John Nwodo had called on the federal government to consider restructuring the country or risk the country edge into war.

Nwodo reacted early in the week remarking on the ongoing demonstration across states to end radical police disbanded unit.

He suggested that the country be restructured to help overcome several issues rocking the nation.

However, Nnamdi Kanu had requested protestors champion call of ending Nigeria to stop unspeakable evil being witnessed.

Kanu lamented over inhumane practices against innocent individuals yet to be discussed, maintained that police os one out of many issues facing the count

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