Biafra: Trump blasts Orji Uzor kalu for telling Nnamdi kanu to quit Biafra agitation

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The information reaching our desk this  afternoon from Chicago daily newspaper ,reported that the  president of the united states Donald Trump blasts the former Governor of Abia state Orji Uzor kalu.

Donald Trump warns Orji Uzor kalu to mind his business, he said who is Orji Uzor kalu to tell a freedom fighter to stop his movement. In his word, he said that Nnamdi kanu is more than a governor of any state.

He said that Nnamdi kanu is his freedom and he will not allow anyone to distract him, he said how can Nnamdi kanu who will soon become a president of a great nation will accept to be a governor and quiet Biafra agitation, it is impossible.

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