Biafra: UK Grants Nnamdi Kanu’s Request To Publish His 2019 Article On Biafra In UK Top Media

This is the 10th articles on Biafra published on the same platform.

Several opinions have been gathered but the fact remains that despite treats, intimidations and attacks, Kanu still maintains that Biafra in his time will be actualized through diplomatic means.

Base on Kanu’s article few hours ago on Independent UK. Igbos in the Eastern Part of Nigeria are in high spirit celebrate their freedom at anytime.

Gurus and Political intellects have been predicting the time Biafra will be a country of its own but they had encountered one error or the order owing to predicting it at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, Kanu and his people popularly known as the Indigenous people of Biafra have made this time, the right time to predict Biafran independence.

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