Biafra: We Are Ready To Break Away From North And Join Biafrans – Middle Belt Elders

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Middle Beltans have appealed to Igbo people to accept them into their folds in order to establish a strong alliance against Northern Nigeria.

They apologized to over any grudges against them said they are no longer an enemy to Igbo People.

In a town hall meeting with a capacity of over 500 people held in Imo State, the speaker called on Ndi Igbo home and abroad, to recognize them as sisters and brothers onward.

Pointing on pressing issues facing Nigeria today, they noted that the country is confronted with insecurity issues over the years.

They acknowledged that the security challenges in the country are deliberately planned to displace people and take over their land.

They stated their resolve never to allow their native land and homes to be taken by the killers of the people and no one is meant to take it by force.

They are forming a united force to stop any attempt or plan either government or agents .

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