Biafra: What Nnamdi Kanu should do during the Parents’ Burial, – Southeast Elites

Nnamdi Kanu the leader of indigenous people of Biafra should beware of people who surround him. This warning came from the Elite group in the southeast.

We learned that Military operatives have been detailed to arrest Nnamdi Kanu the moment he attends his parents’ burial.

In this regard, we advise you to adhere to the following advice.

  1. Stay where you are  in your US base in order to protect your personality
  2. Your IPOB member will run from your immediately you are arrested.
  3. Those who form parallel-group like your IPOB are waiting to have the last laugh, therefore be wise.
  4. Those who agitate for Biafra and some leaders in the Southeast are not happy with your progress as you have alerted the whole world about Biafra.
  5. You should remember that you are more popular than so many presidents and held of government. You can bury your father where you are by giving instruction to your brother here in Nigeria.

After the burial, you can revisit the agitation for the emancipation of Biafra Republic. Your late parents are solidly behind you so that what you started you will leave to enjoy it.

A word is enough for the wise.

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