Biafra Will Be Declared Under My Watch – Donald Trump Releases Proof

As we know Nnamdi Kanu is a “terrorist fugitive” by Nigerian government but he roams freely in Israel and America; both countries that have offered him residency.

Last month, Nnamdi Kanu was invited at the VIP sections; VIP section are reserved for guests approved by the president’s Chief of Staff, per his approval.

Now, what you don’t know is Trump family have been involved in Biafra struggle since 1960s.

Fred Trump Jr. now late openly protested against the genocide of Biafrans as picture shows him circled in blue holding a placard, and also campaigned for Biafra freedom.

Trump family is very much aware of the Biafran struggle, and he will strike as usual unexpectedly like always does with his decisions and moves unconventional to the status quo.

He will most likely do this in honor of his brother Fred Trump Jr.

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