Biafra: Yoruba Youths Declared Nigeria As A Dead Nation

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The statement reads; “We declare Nigeria as a dead state which has nothing to celebrate. At 60 years of independence, Nigeria is still struggling to stand up. Other nations, that got political independence with Nigeria at the same period like Malaysia, have gone very far in global recognition.

“Though the British colonial masters did not design Nigeria to flourish and progress as a reputable entity.

“Under President Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria state has turned to Fulani empire where every other major and minor ethnic nationalities are not regarded. Fulani acknowledges their cows more than other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

The group noted that any exercise that will derail the organised protest strike against the incessant increase of fuel prices and electric bills by the Nigeria Labour Union, Trade Union and Civil Society Organisations is working against the prosperity of the nation.

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