Biafra: You can count on us, we are ready to support Biafra this time – France Govt

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The real reason France supported Biafra during the 1967-1970 civil war has been revealed. The revelation was made in a war-time memo compiled by the US Central Investigation Agency, CIA.

In the compilation, French Secretary-General for African and Malagasy Affairs, Jean Mauricheau-Beaupre was quoted as saying that French’s support to Biafra as it fought to break away from Nigeria was not in defense of its secession cause — even though it had a humanitarian appeal.

He said the European country’s support was due to the desire to have access to the region’s oil.

He said, “France supported Biafra because of the oil and ERAP, but not the Ibo revolution,” referring to Emergency.

According to him, this time we are supporting Biafra not to go into war but to use our power to influence the United Nations to declare Biafra republic in peace. We are supporting Biafrans not because of what we will get from them but because we hate oppression.

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