Biafrans Freedom Becomes A World Agenda As Indigene Of Great Britain Support The Struggle

The restoration of Biafra becomes a priority today an indigene of Great Britain Support the Struggle during the IPOB protest UK.

This well meaning British man, expressed his satisfaction to be with the Indigenous people of Biafra in his statement.

Meanwhile, in a remark made by the IPOB leader UK chapter, The British man was regarded as a kind man which he sharply rejected in favor of the struggle.
According to him, “I’m not kind,
but I’m truthful”

He welcomed the agitation for the freedom of the people of Biafra.

Lovers of freedom around the world have conceived it as another strategic move.

However, one of the prominent leaders of the group reminds the government of the United Kingdom that they should not forget that they are the architect of what Biafran people are going through now. In his public speech,

“The British Government are supporting the Nigeria leaders to kill us because of our oil, CNN and BBC will not report their evil because they support evil… Facebook are joining them because right now when you share any information about the restoration of Biafra, Facebook will either flag it or slow the ads, they are against us in all ramifications because of our oil and mineral resources.
I’m here talking this way because in this country, there is freedom. If it’s that evil country called Nigeria, I will be faced with AK 47. That is to tell you how wicked they are!
They rape our children, mother and kill them without human feelings. Boko-haram, Fulani headsmen are killing people every day in our land.

We need freedom. If you give us freedom or support us we will leave your country and go home.” he said.

According to one of the eldest man from the group “We don’t want to be with people that love to kill the innocent. That’s why we are fighting for our freedom” he said.

Also, the group recognize and appreciated the effort of the Supreme Leader Of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who left everything including his family to sacrifice for his people, said that they will support him and not going to disappoint him.

The group assured themselves and Biafrans in general that they are not going to stop until Biafra is restored

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