Breaking: EndSARS: Nigerians Have Started The Protest In UK

The EndSars Protest has gone very gar outside Nigeria. Nigerians in Diaspora as well as international celebrities, organizations have showed massive support for the youths of the country.

One of the countries in the western world that has been prominent in supporting The EndSars movement in Nigeria is The United Kingdom. Nigerians out there in the UK, have organised series of protests, some led by Wizkid.

They have come out in their numbers to show solidarity and support for their brothers and sisters that are fighting this fight over here in Nigeria. they took the protest to another level as they Designed a Bus to look like Lagos Local transport buses, with the words: “Lagos To London”, written on it. The bus was painted yellow to look exactly like Lagos local buses, and they were shouting “#EndSars”, “Lagos to London!”.

Not only them, Nigerians in Germany, Canada, United States, Ghana, and all across the world has also responded by showing support on twitter and on protest grounds in their respectable countries.

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