Breaking: UN prepares ‘Plan B’ to declare Biafra, if Buhari fails to sign

The United Nations will unveil what is best described as ‘Plan B’ to declare Biafra Independence, in case Nigerian president refuses to assent to the pact.

The Chief Editor of Biafra news agency, John Nweke, disclosed that with what is going on now, the United Nations has determined to put Biafra freedom in the 2020 programme.

It is believed that before a Nation can receive its freedom the President of the Nation needs to put his signature, but now there is a plan B put in place to declare an Independent Nation unilaterally by the United Nation even if the President would not sign.

Nweke confirmed further that there is going to be a circular that will be sent to all Presidents of all nations to put them in the notice of the new plan and program of the UN.

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