Breaking: Youths in border town to Cameroon raised Biafra flags

The Biafra Nations Youth League, (BNYL) have hoisted Biafra flags around the border town in Cross River State, according to the report made available to the media.

Speaking shortly after hoisting the flag in Ikom on Thursday, the National Deputy Leader of BNYL worldwide, Ebuta Takon Akor regretted that the current government cannot guarantee their safety.

“It is disturbing because it seems the government under their control cannot guarantee our people their safety, but the governors who are there to serve the people, due to selfish and economic interests chose to ignore this urgent need of the people.”

The group said they have filled the vacuum in the Biafra struggle, adding that the loopholes have been filled as grassroots activities and mobilization have positioned them as a multiethnic household Pro-Biafra movement.

His words: “The whole people of the defunct Eastern Region including Delta State want a regional security outfit in other to be protected from the deadly killings of the Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen.

“Today they have taken an arbitrary decision against our people by ordering a total lockdown of our region claiming it is in our interest and in other to defeat the White man’s sickness called Coronavirus.

“We know the lies and propaganda behind their Coronavirus and today we are here to tell them that they are suffering our people in pretense that they are fighting Covid19.

“We are here today as one family, people of different tribes but one people, to set us free from mental slavery and to lift the Biafra flag of freedom.

“This madness is coming to an end as we will not continue to tolerate this lockdown without adequate measures taken to ensure that people don’t go hungry.

“This government has failed, and from today onwards, we shall do everything to let every person around us to know that Nigeria is a failed state,” he said.

The group asserted that they knew and understood the lies and propaganda behind COVID-19 which they described as “Whiteman’s” sickness adding that they were using it as a ploy to suffocate the people”

They describe the lockdown put in place by Federal government to combat COVID-19 pandemic as a grand plot to oppress the people of defunct Eastern Region.

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