Call Joe Igbokwe and Lauretta Onochie to Order, Group tells Ohanaeze

The Igbo Peace movement (IPM) has called on the leadership of Ohanaeze ndi Igbo to call Mr. Joe Igbokwe and Lauretta Onochie who serve as Special Adviser to the Lagos State government on Sanitation and Environmental Management and the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media respectively to order over their media attacks on the Igbos in general.

Dr. Okorie Nnamdi made this call while addressing newsmen on Tuesday on the need to restructure Nigeria or disintegrate the nation if government fails to hearken to the yearnings of the masses, especially the Eastern region which according to him has been abandoned by the Government.

However, Dr. Okorie took a swipe at Mr. Joe Igbokwe and Lauretta Onochie whom he described as slaves living in the land of Northern and Southern caliphates.

According to him, “It’s obvious this government of lies and deceit has done more harm than good to Nigerians. Non of their promises has been fulfilled instead all we see and hear are audio and Photoshop projects that no one can see.

“Hence, they have refused to restructure Nigeria, the best option is to divide this country, that is the only way to ensure peace in this country.

“Most people are blind in this country that they can’t see the level of marginalization in this country championed by the Hausa Fulani caliphates, still they are shouting one Nigeria.

“Still those that calls themselves media aide to the President, especially those from the Eastern region keep on publishing lies upon lies on daily basis without recourse to its effect on the public.

“Joe Igbokwe and Lauretta Onochie has been the tools the Northern caliphates are using to talk ill of the Igbos and the duo because of money agreed to betray their people just because of peanuts this corrupt government has been given to them.

“We are not surprised because betrayal and saboteur runs in the family lineage of Mr. Joe Igbokwe, anyone in doubt of this should make enquiries about his brother called “Ifeajuna”. So Joe Igbokwe has taken over from him and he feels that betraying his people is the only way to get his daily bread.

“Lauretta Onochie is another person that has been antagonizing Igbos eversince she joined the APC Government and they gave her Social Media Adviser to the President and she feels that the only way she could be remain relevant before her paymaster is to malign her people on daily basis. What pains me most is the type of words that comes out from that woman’s mouth. She doesn’t care at all not knowing that she’s a woman.

“After all these media attacks on their own flesh and blood because of money, will they remain in the Northern and Southern States forever. Though, I’m not surprised because Joe Igbokwe has already announced himself out as an Igbo man because he has sensed that Igbo land will not accommodate him and his sabotaging character, that’s why he rushed to the media to deny his tribe, maybe the Yorubas will accommodate him.

“I hereby, call on the Ohanaeze ndi Igbo to call the both of them to order because they are trending on the wrong path which will not only speak now, but in the future. They should also remember that history is a guide and no one forgets history” he said

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