About Us

Ndigbo Link reports local news across South-Eastern states of Nigeria. The grass-roots news that people may not ordinarily have access to. We also promote the culture and tradition of Igbo people, a special tribe in Nigeria.

Our team of Editorial team are dedicated to bringing quality and timely news coverage to Nigerians in a view to keep them informed.

Our style of writing is unique because of our technical know-how.

Editorial team

Who is responsible for writing our contents.

Omtimehin Nelson – Publisher

Omotimehin Esther – Senior Asst. Editor

Adefemi Babajide – Asst. Editor

Alo James – Asst. Editor (Entertainment)

Tunde Omotimehin – Reporter

Christiana Ezioma – Reporter

Adams Tadese– Reporter

Sales/Marketing Communications

Christiana Ezioma

You can reach us on

Nestec Media
10 Sanu Street. Adura
Alagbodo. Lagos Nigeria

Email: info@ndigbolink.com, nelsonomotimehin@yahoo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ndigbolink
Twitter: @ndigbolink
Phone: 08136352128

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