Donald Trump Attends Nnamdi Kanu Parents’ Burial (Fiction)

Nnamdi Kanu couldn’t express how happy he was after he noticed the presence of the 45th president of the United states of America at his parents burial at his home town in Abia state.

The president of the United States was highly surrounded and protected by the US professional army.

The ceremony was indeed a memorable one as the President was seen dancing to high life tunes from people like Osadabe, Oliver de Koko and Flavour. The president of the United states of America was also seen eating native delicacies prepared for the burial ceremony.

It was really a thing of Joy to the IPOB members and a day to remember in the Igbo land. As Trump was seen greeting the village heads and he was also trying to speak the native language.

As a spectator, i drew close to see if i could get an autograph from Donald and the thing i heard was a cock crowing then was went i knew it was only but a dream.

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