Due to some executive meetings & busy schedules today, I couldn’t hold the press conference – Dr. UN

dr. un

Dr. UN aka Dr. Kwame Fordjour has apologized to his followers for his inability to hold a press conference as promised today.

In his earlier message to his fans yesterday, Dr. UN told his fans that he’ll hold a press conference so that he can clarify the brouhaha concerning his recently held Kofi Annan UN awards where he awarded some celebrities.

The press conference however couldn’t come to pass so Dr. UN has come out once again to tell his fans that he was busy with executive meetings today so that’s why he couldn’t hold the press conference.

Dr. UN further assured his fans that a new date and time would be communicated to them soon.

“Due to some executive meetings and busy schedules today , I couldn’t hold the press conference.

I wish to urge the general public to remain calm as the day and date for the press conference will be communicated soon.

Thank you all for your patience, prayers, love and support. I really appreciate




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