High Compliance of Sit-At-Home Shows Most People Want Nigeria Divided – VOICE OF THE EAST


Reports show that there was a
high degree of compliance from the people of the Southeast and Southwest to the
sit-at-home order put in place in protest of bad governance in Nigeria. And
this high degree of compliance shows that most Nigerians are no longer
interested in the ‘unity’ of the country.

IPOB media and publicity
secretary, yesterday, commended the success, calling it as a step towards
dissolving Nigeria.

Below is the statement:

“Today’s sit-at-home order issued by the global movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra on October 1, 2020 is totally successful in so many states and cities in Biafraland. All states in Biafraland complied with the order.

“The compliance of this order is to showcase our readiness for the speedy coming of Biafra freedom and independence. There is an empty market, roads, no vehicles on the road of Biafra and Biafrans all over the world are on the streets of their respective countries where they find themselves with our brethren from Oduduwa nation.

“We thank our people in South Africa, USA, Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, and other countries of the world for their resoluteness and declared to the world that we are no longer interested in Nigeria. The whole world must understand that IPOB cannot go back to Nigeria.

“This is our joint outing with Oduduwa nation across the globe therefore everybody must understand and be sure that the disintegration of this British bondage called Nigeria will be dissolved in peace.”

Quoted From Sahara Reporters

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