“I promise that these men will go to jail” – Nnamdi Kanu vows

On December 6, 2018, Asha Buhari publicly confirmed the revelations first made by me concerning the Evil Cabal that had seized control of the Presidency of Nigeria.

This is what she had said – “The government (of Buhari) is dominated by TWO people. Where are the men of Nigeria? Where are the Nigerian men? What are you doing Instead of you to come together and fight them (i.e the two men), you keep visiting them one after the other, licking their shoes”.

It is epochal that one of the TWO men fingered – Abba Kyari – is now dead. It remains one, Mamman Daura, but instead of Aisha to seize the opportunity and do the needful by propping up Vice President Osibanjo in line with the Constitution, she resorted to assembling a new Cabal of her own by bringing in Ibrahim Gambari, a dangerous Islamist and scion of the Janjaweed Caliphate.

So, now that Gambari is at the saddle as another DE FACTO President, as confirmed by UK High Commissioner’s highly unusual congratulatory message, and with Aisha tele-guiding him, Nigeria the great Zoo has sadly come under the shadow of another set of UNELECTED people ruling (and ruining) a country of supposedly 200 million people teeming with professors, academics, graduates and intellectuals…🤣🤣🤣. Intellectuals indeed!

Making it worse and treasonous is the fact that there is an Osibanjo, who should be the one calling the shots in his constitutional capacity as the ELECTED Vice President of Nigeria. Is it because he’s Yoruba, Christian and a Southerner?

Let me therefore categorically warn that should the “men of Nigeria” (as Aisha had put it) let this TREASON stand, we will not; #Biafrans will not. It’s a promise, not a threat. All those responsible for these high crimes and misdemeanours, the greatest political fraud of all time, must and will go to jail.

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