I Will Meet Donald Trump In The White House Over Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu Tells Fans

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu recently in Texas while responding to a question by Clayton Udoh about the possibility of him (Nnamdi) walking into the white house and talking to Trump and other powerful voices in the UN security council such as the Russian President Vladimir Putin and His Chinese counterpart Mr. Xi about his quest for Biafra said “I need somebody to introduce me to a senator! I need you (Biafrans) to introduce me to President Donald J. Trump. I can not wake up and go straight into white house. You are going to introduce me to Trump! How are you (Biafrans) going to do it? come out on the streets of Washington D.C on the third of July, 2020, for a million man march on the street. And that will be my invitation to White house.”

A million man march will definitely shed more light on his quest especially by the international news media.

Take a minute and imagine a well-coordinated march happening same time in various countries of the world like the US, Canada, Australia, China, Germany, and the UK all at once.

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