If Buhari Try To Stop Me From Coming To My Parent Burial, I Will Expose His Government For Attempting To Bribe Me With Billions To Forget Biafra

The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has revealed that he will exposed the Government of President Buhari if he makes attempt to stop him from coming to his parents burial.

Recently Nnamdi Kanu disclosed to the whole world that Through the Federal government to have called him in London to forfeit Biafra Agitation in exchange for cash to the tune of 2 billions and also promise Governor ticket in 2023 which I reject.

I have said I will not any gratification forget about Biafra agitation for money or any position in Nigeria. I want to warn the Igbos who might have been advising the federal government about this plan will not work.

What we need is Biafra and nothing else. The UN and United state of America has also sensitised the federal government to allow Biafra to stand on their own and they remain adamant.

Now we have got to a stage that we are not afraid of any pairs, all I know is Biafra will soon be declared.

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