Igbos are set to welcome Nnamdi Kanu

Federal Republic of Nigeria is out for Nnamdi Kalu base on his recent comments against federal Republic of Nigeria, the leader of igbos recently said he is coming back to bury his parents, he further said, he will crippled Nigeria when he returns to Nigeria.

Federal republic of Nigeria have released military officers to almost all corners of the country waiting for Nnamdi Kalu arrival.

Majority of the igbos have sent messages to there leader, Nnamdi Kalu, not to come back for now, them further advise him coming back for the bury, will not change anything, they ask him to stay back for now.

The igbos have promise to take appropriate control of his parents burial , they also let him know, he that fight and run shall fight another day.

Ifeanyi chukwu also remind him not to forget he is the heart beat of the Igbos, if anything happen to him, all the efforts he has put on the struggle of Biafra country will be in vain.

Some sets of Igbos asked Kalu to come And bury his parents, that nothing will happen to him.

The issue of Nnamdi Kalu coming back has cost alot of controversy on social media.

Base on the issue on ground, will you advise Nnamdi Kalu to come back or he should stay back?

Please your opinion is needed by liking, commenting and sharing.

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