“Join Igbos and make Biafra a Reality” – Open Letter To N’Delta Leaders

Please forgive my manners if do not follow the right direction to write this brief address cum open letter, I only wish to pass a very important message across to you and not necessarily a letter.

Mama Niger Delta; you are one of the best leaders from the Riverine region that I admire so much. You are the most courageous and outspoken woman that I have seen from that part of the world. Your love for the downtrodden in your region and elsewhere is immeasurable.

Despite the fact that you are very comfortable with your life but you have chosen to stand up for your people to ensure that they are happy. You have made numerous sacrifices in defense and support of your lovely Niger Delta. I applaud you Ma.

Mama; don’t you think that it is time face the reality; which is that you can not do it alone without your brother from upper land (the Igbos). For decades now, you have been clamouring for resource control and the independent of Niger Delta, but it appears you are not making any headway. It is not a secret that you are not in support of the United state of Biafra, which includes the South East and South-South. You openly said that your people can not come out from the Nigeria almagation to enter into another almagation in Biafra.

I have not been able to comprehend this statement for a long time. I believe that you are too learned and well informed to believe the cheap lies told against the Igbos by the Yorubas through their media in collaboration with Hausa Fulani in other to perfect their divide and conquer plan just to continue to explore the resources in our land which they succeeded anyway

Mama; I think it’s high time you have a rethink, knowing fully well that you can not fight this battle alone. It is time you come out openly and pledge your full support to the Biafra struggle. Majority they say is power. I believe that you command the loyalty of your people and it’s time to bring them on board; let’s fight together and be free together. All that we desire is Freedom!

It is time to bring your idea and channel your energy towards the Biafra Restoration. IPOB is waiting for people like you with open arms. Biafra is for all of us; even if you want your Niger Delta or resource control, that can only be possible in an independent Biafra state not in the contraption called Nigeria as presently constituted. I know that you want the best for your people and this is the best you can give to them now. I await your response if necessary. Thanks

Regards; Arinzechukwu Emmanuel aka Odogwu Nwa Biafra. A dedicated Biafran from Igbo extraction.

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