Jubilations Among Biafrans As Nnamdi Kanu Reveals When Biafra Will Become A Nation

The leader of Indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, said that the Republic of Biafra will come in his time. He said that God has sent him to liberate Igbo people from the bondage of Nigeria. According to him Igbos have been in bondage since 1960, but time has come for them to be liberated.

He said the only hope of Igbos is Biafra restoration he is ready to do all within his power to achieve it. According to him, he and IPOB have accomplish much, Biafra will soon become a Nation.

He said, “we do not take the praise, every praise and adoration for all we have become, accomplish on the struggle of Biafra, belongs to Chukwu Okike in Heaven” No man or Government can stop Biafra restoration because it is God’s divine agenda.

Many lives, properties worth millions has be lost on Biafra struggle, yet no one can stop the movement. Nnamdi Kanu encourages every Igbo man or woman that believe in Biafra not to give up on the struggle,because Biafra will soon be a Nation and we will return all glory to Chukwu Okike.

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