Ndi Igbo Should Take The Pursuit Of Economic Biafra Seriously| Gaius Chibueze – VOICE OF THE EAST


The Igbo people have over the years been
embroiled in the struggle for Biafra. The Biafran dream has survived for five
decades in the subconscious of the Igbo people, and today, we see it in the
various political agitations by Ndi Igbo and her neighbours all over the
country. In the age of nationalism, this is commendable and even more so, in a
country like Nigeria where the Biafran people are being marginalized.

The point of the Biafran struggle hints
towards a search for economic welfare of the Igbo people. The fact that Nigeria
has been on a dwindling path ever since Independence and moreso, since after
the genocidal Nigeria-Biafra war is more reason why the Biafran dream has such
momentum today.

The agitation today, however, has a more political outlook and needs a lot of improvement and strategy to make it more effective. One of the things that the energy used in agitating for Biafra should be used to achieve is an economic Biafra even in Nigeria. For years, I have continually preached about the importance of developing Igbo land from the rubbles currently lacking in infrastructure which it is now, to the African hub of development, which Biafra is destined to be. And through my imprint, Ndigbo Awake, I have mapped out a master-plan, to be unveiled in a few years, through which I intend to contribute to this vision.

The idea behind an economic Biafra is to
develop Igbo land to the extent where the economy is sustainable and the
infrastructural development is well distributed, as in a land that is able to
sustain itself without depending on the shores of abroad for survival. Every
Igbo man, whether in the agricultural, technological, education, healthcare or
any of the various sectors of human endeavour should be encouraged to think
back home. There is the fact of marginalization acting as an obstacle, but
nobody can stop a determined people.

The politics for Biafra should be strengthened with a strong economic backbone. For what is politics if it does not result in a favourable economic welfare towards the Indigenous people for which it is played. Charity begins at home and so, Ndi Igbo must consider seriously, the act of coming together to build a strong economic backbone in the Southeast, as to ensure an even smoother transition into the Biafra of our dreams.

In order to do this, there needs to be a collaboration with the government and in truth, the Igbo governors have been abysmal of late. This is why I previously wrote on the need for Ndigbo to hold their rulers accountable. The Pro Biafra struggle should build on the backbones of what it intends to achieve in the dream country. The visions should be laid down now for easier implementation in the future. And if in the course of the revolution, we do not figure out ways to hold these rulers accountable, it might become much difficult later on. Our people say it is better to start looking for a dark goat in the daytime.  

Ndigbo should begin by looking back home
and bringing their investments back home, and ways to make sure the government
support this plan of sustainable development in the land. Building a strong
backbone for an economic Biafra is undoubtedly a good blueprint for the Biafra
of our dreams.

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