Nnamdi Kanu Begins Sharing N50m to Southeast

IPOB leader in Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has donated $ 50 million to fight the crown virus in southeastern Nigeria.

Kanu announced that some donations will be used to help several hospitals in the southeast fight COVID-19.

He said: we did not know that the virus would come, we have promises around the world. The initial N50 million to educate and prepare people for their upcoming work. We are planning 300 million to fight the corona virus. “We will create a hospital in all states of Biafra, including Edo.

We will open a grocery store for people. To limit people at home, you must make sure they don’t die of hunger. We are even going to feed those who are not IPOB members. This is what advanced countries are doing for their people.

“I am worried for Africa and humanity but my primary concern is for the people of Biafra.”

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