Ondo 2020: Seven Election Offenses To Stay Away From At Polling Units

The election in Ondo State is just two days away and the people are expected to head to the polls to choose who will be their governor for the next four years. 

In a bid to ensure that there are no electoral malpractices, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has listed some offences that should be shunned.

Ondo 2020: Seven Election Offenses To Stay Away From At Polling Units

Below are seven acts that will constitute an offence on the election day, these rules are to guide the conduct of voters and all other individuals involved in the election scheduled for October 10.

No person shall on Election Day do any of the following in the polling environment:

1. Campaign for votes, or to persuade a voter not to vote for a candidate.

2. Shout slogans concerning the election, or in support of any party.

3. Be in possession of an offensive weapon or wear any apparel calculated to intimidate voters;

4. Use a vehicle bearing the color or symbol of a political party or candidate.

5. Loiter without lawful excuse after voting or after being refused to vote.

6. Snatch or destroy any election materials.

7. Blare the siren.

According to INEC, seventeen candidates are running for the coveted position in Ondo state.

The voter population sits at 1,822,346, however, the number of persons expected to vote based on collected PVCs is 1,478,460, suggesting that 19 per cent of those eligible to vote will not be partaking in the exercise.

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