Onitsha Tanker Explosion a well plannd terrorist attack on Igboland – IPOB

The tanker explosion in Upper Iweke, Onitsha that poured the highly inflammable PMS into all drainages in the area is an advanced terrorist attack masterminded by the Fulani terrorist to cripple the economy of Biafrans.

Dankote trailers have been doing these dirty jobs before now but they felt that, that alone is not having a devastating effect on Biafrans and now decided to plan big in a World Trade Centre (WTC) style.

I fail to understand why it is only Dankote trailers that so often runs into market places, public gatherings and all places that there’s gathering of great number of people and wares in Biafraland or places densely populated by Biafrans and their businessses outside Biafraland.

I do not comprehend why it is Dankote trucks and trailers that does these evil assignment despite that Dankote himself is the richest man in Africa with every financial capabilities to maintain his trucks & trailers.
For me, the Onitsha inferno is a World Trade Centre (WTC” style.
Biafrans, be at alert for the Fulanis have brought war to your door step as always.

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