People Now Eat Rats In Yorubaland – Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that what he said a long time ago has come to pass, as they have started eating rats in Yorubaland.

Kanu was reacting to hunger during the lockdown in many parts of Nigeria.

The IPOB leader said that as the Biafrans ate rats during the war, it is happening now in Yorubaland.

He noted that what he has said many years ago has come to pass.

See his message below:

“As we ate rats in Biafra during the war, so are they eating rats today in yorubaland, as we fled our homes in search of refuge, so have their children been born in refugee camps in the north.

“While it gives me no joy to reference ongoing COVID-19 induced hardship in parts of Nigeria, I must, however, point out what I said many years ago and situate it within the present experience of those that ganged up to exterminate Biafrans between 1967 to 1970.

“Some of us can recall the day I told Biafrans during one of my broadcasts in 2013 or thereabout, that Almighty God Chukwu Okike Abiama will visit Nigeria with every pain and hardship that Biafrans endured during the war and it will be a sign that Biafra is at hand.

“When I saw the gut-wrenching pictures of people eating rats 🐀 in parts of Lagos as a direct result of man-made hunger i.e. Fulani economic mismanagement and thousands of innocent children from the Muhammedian Emirates of the North as the British once referred to the north, being born in squalid refugee camps, I couldn’t help but wonder about the mystery of the circle of life. What goes around does indeed come around.

“As we ceaselessly pursue the divine promise of a free Biafra under God, I am constantly reassured by the words of the preacher:

“I will crush [their] enemies in front of [them] and defeat those who hate [them]. Psalm 89:23 So said the Lord of Hosts.

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