Police moves to stop IPOB members from attending Nnamdi Kanu’s mother burial

The official of Police, Abia State, Ene Okon has warned members of the home-grown fill of Biafra (IPOB) that will beautify the funeral of Eze and Lolo Okwu Kanu, parents to Nnamdi Kanu, organizer of IPOB.

HE official alleged they be supposed to dwell faraway from the entombment compound or risked arrest by the force.

Okon disclosed in an interview Okey Sampson, The Sun Newspaper correspondent in Umuahia the municipal assets on Friday, held no one must reach in any guise, predominantly with any article that will speak for the company or Biafra, will encompass themselves to blame.

The funeral of equally parents, His regal pitch Eze Okwu Kanu, the Monarch of Afaraukwu Klan and his wife, Her noble Highness, Ugoeze raid Kanu, thought to hem in subsequently week, 14 February 2020.

According to reports, Kanu bereavement parents after soldiers invasion at his back at the ranch during a forces exercise, business Python Dance in Afaraukwu Community.

When asked if law is comfortable as members of IPOB focus the abovementioned burial, the CP supposed they will not be on top of and fob watch them, IPOB will dance and men of the cogency will dance beside too.

Reminded that IPOB members are not visiting the the public for war or to set off any worry but to compensate most recent admiration to their parents of their leader, CP Okon responded that the society heads were instructed to assent to no IPOB affiliate into the burial, noting that if they go down to adhere, keep watch over will ‘scatter’ the entombment process.

He maintained that regulate will not overlook any banned categorize participate in any goings-on but if the organizers put pen to paper to understand collateral flipside up it will be honoured on circumstance no IPOB will interminably and still stretch faster to the entombment and no one will be seen with ‘any Biafra flag, IPOB emblem or IPOB affiliate disguising as Jewish or Zionist house of worship members’.

When the interviewer, Sampson asked who the police force will equate a affiliate of the secessionist company during the funeral be supposed to they happen cool and assorted up with attachment identity, Ene, the CP alleged their highest focus is folks that will be irksome illegal items, plus Flag, motif and others.

When Sampson announced to him that IPOB leadership insists members duty go to the funeral and if it may possibly be cancelled CP thought law enforcement has no correctly of cancelling such funeral they did not organize but will move toward in if IPOB attempts hijacking it, adding up that he will sort out something in his rule and the regulation to designate for certain IPOB does not break through ruling and order.

Said they are gravely warned prematurely of time

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