Precious Chikwendu Splits From Her Husband, FFK, Demands DNA Tests For Their Children – VOICE OF THE EAST


According to
popular gossips, Igbo-born beauty queen, Precious Chikwendu has split from the
popular short-fuse former minister, Femi Fani Kayode.

Stella Dimoko
Korkus (SDK) alleges that the separation has roots in repeated case of domestic
violence suffered by the popular beauty-queen in the hands of her husband.

According to SDK,
insiders have revealed that Precious moved out months ago without her four sons
as the former minister has now taken custody of the children and put them up
with a nanny and has strictly ordered Precious not to be allowed to come near
the house where they lived as husband and wife.

It is also said
that since Precious moved out of the house, the short-fuse minister took back
the car gift he gave her and cancelled her accounts.

Insiders have
also revealed that the domestic violent cases go way back to when Precious was
pregnant with her first son and even the triplets. They also revealed that each
time the couple post pictures it is because they have just settled a quarrel.
According to insiders, the case between the beauty-queen and former short-fuse
minister is quite serious and he has told her she would never see her kids

Furthermore, SDK
alleges that Precious is demanding for DNA on her triplet sons because all four
kids were allegedly conceived via IVF but she is not sure where fani-Kayode
donated the sperm.

There are also
reports that Precious is asking for DNA results on her triplet sons because all
her four children were reportedly conceive through In-vitro fertilization
(IVF), but she is not sure Femi Fani-Kayode is the true donor of the sperm.

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