Probe Or No Probe, Biafra Will Go, Mark My Word Except… Senator Rochas

The immediate past governor of Imo, Senator Rochas Okorocha has berated those criticising Nnamdi Kanu to watch their utterances as wind is about to be blown and the Hens anus will be opened.

“This probe is going to fragment our beloved country if not properly handled, he warned, ” Mark my word, we have sinned against God as leaders and against Nigerians, we can only as for forgiveness from God and the Nigerian people.

Rochas insists that “from the way things are going, Biafra actualisation is inevitable, I will do all within my powers to make it right with my people, he assured.

The fight against corruption can be won and lost on the alter of the judiciary and the legislators. Therefore, the right thing must be done immediately to prevent the imminent total collapse of the ship of the country.

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