September 17 Is a Day You Must Not Forget, Rev Mbaka Tells Biafra People

Rev Mbaka who is the founder and president of Adoration Ministry base in Enugu State Nigeria, has called on Biafra to remind them about the fasting and praying for Biafra victory on September 17. the father said that day is a day all Biafra child should not play with.

According to the Rev father God has shown him that very soon Biafra will come to stay as a nation without any war, but only pray and fasting can be used to solve the problem.

Mbaka said anyone who surely knows that he loves Biafra land should participate in the program, you can fast from 6 am to 6 pm or 6 am to 12noon, but make sure you fast and if for any reason you will not fast, just pray. the father said he know that God has answered the prayer of Biafran people.

According to the Biafra newspaper today, he said prayer is our weapon, the key to our victory is sure.

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