Stop Cursing Nigeria — Doyle Begs Nigerians

Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle has urged Nigerians to refrain from cursing the land adding that it will not yield anything with consistent curses.

The ‘Merry Men’ actress took to her social media account to air her views on the state of the nation after the country celebrated its 60th independence anniversary on Thursday amidst poor economy, political instability, poor education and health sector, increasing cost of living amongst others.

While addressing those who consistently curse Nigeria, she pointed out that throwing stones in glass houses is not a good decision when she stated that a country is not just made up of a geographical location.

Her tweet read; “A land, consistently cursed will not yield to us. How do we expect to prosper? You are exactly who and what you say you are. When you say a country is useless, remember, a country is not just a geographical location; is the PEOPLE. You & I”

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