Those Calling For Restructuring Want To Cause Disintegration Of Nigeria — Yakasai


Elder statesman Tanko Yakasai has urged the federal government to be wary and cautious with those presently agitating for another national conference and restructuring, saying they do not mean well for the country.

Yakasai, a founding member of Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU), said those currently calling for a national conference are only doing so for their selfish interests and to cause disintegration of the country.

He said there is no reason for a national conference now, noting that if the situation warranted any, the 2014 confab recommendations and blueprints are there to be used.

Some of the recommendations therein were categorised under constitutional amendments, administrative measures as well as enactment of laws, he added

Yakasai said the president has no power to amend the constitution or restructure the country, noting that the power to do so falls within the purview of the National Assembly.


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