Top 3 Footballers Who Were Shot Dead In 2020


God have mercy: 3 footballers who were shot dead in 2020 (photos)

Actually, we are living in a wicked world, enemies are everywhere, also frenemies are around us. There are people who aren’t happy about our success stories, they are fighting their possible best to see our downfall, but I know that God won’t let that happen. The only solution is to be consistent in prayer, that your life won’t be shortened by your enemies.

It is very painful that this 3 great footballers were shot dead by an unknown persons, this was how they were wiped away from this planet earth. Below are 3 footballers who were shot dead in 2020.

1.      Mohamed Ahmed Atwi

Mohamed Ahmed was born on 10 January 1987, and gave up the ghost in the year 2020. He was a citizen of Lebanon. He was also a very good player before he died, his position when playing was attacking midfielder.

At around 10am in the morning, on the 21 of August 2020, Ahmed Mohamed was hit by a stray bullet to his head in the Cora area of Beirut. He was shot dead during the funeral of a firefighter. He was rushed to the nearby hospital where he was given 16 units of blood, the medical staffs tried their best, but they couldn’t save his life, on 18 of September 2020, he kicked the bucket.

2.      Kennedy Isle

Kennedy Isle was born on 25 of January 1991, and died on 24th of January 2020, he died at the age of 28. Kennedy was a great midfielder in football. Kennedy was shot dead in Newtown Basseterre, it was unfortunate that this young man was shot dead a day before his 29th birthday, though the killer wasn’t revealed.

3.      Christopher Arurier

The 26- year-old boy was shot dead on 13 July 2020. Christopher Arurier was shot dead outside of a nightclub in Toulouse, France, his sudden death was the type that kept many in silent. Serge Alain Stephane who was his elder brother was also shocked on hearing the news. His brother is said to be a player of Tottenham Hotspur.

Moreover, this is how this young men’s lives were wiped away from this planet earth, it is very painful!


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